Building a foundation for your structure is vital in ensuring its long life. Here’s what we recommend.


A sturdy foundation of a minimum of 6” crushed stone base that is at least 2 feet larger than your building in all directions is recommended. The space between the stones will allow moisture to drain directly into the ground, preventing moisture buildup underneath. Crushed stone also lessens splashback when it rains, sparing added moisture to sidewalls and doors.


Using a concrete pad is recommended for more permanent structures, however the size of the pad must match the size of your structure floor exactly to ensure proper water drainage. The wall sheathing of your building can then extend just below the top surface of the concrete to ensure a watertight seal. This option is much more expensive than a crushed stone base, which is our first recommendation for most customers.

**We do NOT recommend placing your structure on cinder blocks. There will be some settling of your structure early on, and this may cause your structure to sit unevenly, putting additional stress on overall structure.

**Municipal permitting may be required. For structures over 200 square feet, permitting is typically required. This varies town by town. Please check with your town to comply with local ordinances regarding zoning and permitting.

Why Site Prep is Crucial

  • Uneven foundations may cause the doors and windows of your structure to function improperly or fail to stay open or closed.
  • Floors too close to a wet ground will begin to warp or sag over time.
  • Proper foundations also help keep animals from burrowing underneath your structure.

*Please note: Prior to any delivery, we do require photos of completed site prep to ensure a seamless delivery process.


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